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Black Box

The Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre

In early 2020, the pandemic transformed the theater industry overnight from roaring applause to deafening silence. With no end in site, we had to figure out how to keep theatre alive without being together. We were forced to become experts in video and audio production. We had to learn how to perform in a vacuum, in front of a camera. And as enjoyable as it was to be able to watch actors and singers once again, there was still something missing. It was no different than sitting in front of a TV and texting with your friends. It filled a void but it did not feel like going to the theatre.​

We needed a new way to experience the pleasure of hanging out in the lobby with friends before and after a show, as well as the ability to have a performance viewed from anywhere in the world. Thus, the Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre was created. Does it replace live theatre? Of course not. But when staying home is the only option, we can now still enjoy a fulfilling live theatre experience.

In the Jill Edmund virtual world, you can now enter the lobby of the theatre before the show, find an empty seat and talk with your friends, and move to another section of the lobby to talk with another group of friends... just like in real life. Then after the show, you can hang out in the lobby once again and perhaps have a chance to talk with the performers or discuss the show with your friends.

The Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre is also a great option for providing worldwide access for far away family members to enjoy college theatre performances; for conventions or events; or for hosting a special celebration with dear ones near and far. Your imagination is the limit. Rentals can include a green room, a house manager, a virutal program, a tech run, ushers, sponsors, and more.​

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